Porto Tolle

Porto Tolle One of the oldest documents that I found is Colomba. At the moment there are no links with other Canella’s Then on 15 December 1751 in Cā Venier Antonio Canella son of Felice (at the moment his mother's name is not known) he married Claudia Gianella, daughter of Giovanni called Zuane (died around 1751) and Arminia Teresina. Giovanni was born from this marriage on May 14, 1755, of whom I have no news at the moment. Then the birth certificate of Giuseppe (10 March 1752) of Giuseppe Canella and Ginevra Diamante turns up. At this point Giuseppe Canella's line begins, favoring males for the continuity of the surname up to the present day. Of course, my research stops around the fifties in respect the privacy of those who logically do not want to see names or photographs published on the internet. Below is a list of the descendants of Giuseppe Canella at the time founder of the Porto Tolle branch that I managed to find, each name corresponds to a small biography, father, mother and the children. There are also Canella’s that I have not been able to connect to Giuseppe, they could be brothers, sons or other, while I extrapolated Felice from another Francis tree with whom I am in contact to exchange both documentation and information on the matter.

Each name in the list corresponds to a small biography (where possible) with the data in my possession plus the parents and children that I can document.
There are also several links (links) to events that occurred in the period in question more than anything else to better focus on the historical period in which the indicated person lived.

If you find one of your ancestors among the people indicated and would like to tell his story or change where there is already something, send me or for have more information, mail me! and you will be contacted as soon as possible!

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