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Origins and history of a Venetian family

This site isn't a business site but only a site dedicated at the Canella's Family and their History maneged by a Canella.

I'm a Canella and I was born in Scardovari. In 1961 my family moved to Piemonte and then I travelled a lot in northen Italy for work but I have always felt my belonging to the Veneto precisely Porto Tolle a town that nobody knowns in Piemonte and my father usually said where "the people plant beans with the gun" and the amazed people pretended to know where! A day, about 30 years ago, I decided to look for my origins and in 1995 I contacted a priest from Porto Tolle who gave me some information about my paternal great-grandparents and from there slowly and with infinite patience I was able to trace my ancestors indeed because believe me we have many relatives! At the moment I count about 1200 people but it is not a complete list, in this site there are only documented people and of course I stop at around 1950 in order not to run into privacy!However we can say that this is a site that tells, where it can, the story of a normal family, of farm laborers or fishermen, there are no nobles but only simple people, our people! It is not easy to rebuild this great family and make a book of it, but I am making a good progress. Trying to discover the origins of the Canella from Porto Tolle, since the lands of Polesine began to be inhabited around 1650, we were part of the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia , that's why the banner! I have come across other Canella but at the moment I only dedicate myself to the Canella di Porto Tolle, Rivā, Porto Viro and Taglio di Po as a large part of these come from the same strain as Cā Venier. The resulting tree is not complete because it is based only on records I personally consulted or published from FamilySearch . It is possible that some data have escaped me, given the reluctance of some Canella to give information on the matter, but the hope is great and many Canella that I publicly thank, (especially Francis who from France and Francesco from Rivā who gave me many documents related to my research) are helping me in this great work.

If you find an ancestor of yours on the site and want to tell his story, or you want a copy of your tree, contact me!

I built a new section: Surnames linked to Canella where I list all the people who have married a Canella, naturally clicking on the chosen surname will open the page of the person indicated.

During my research I came across some Canella from Crespino and Villanova Marchigiana, in order to help those interested in these Canella, I opened another two section: Crespino and Villanova Marchigiana.

On September 15, 2020 Canella Lina passed away in Vercelli The warmest condolences to her parents

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